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Reed v. Reed

The Supreme Court hears a large variety of cases. The purpose of this court is to serve as a “checks and balance” system for Congress, the President, and the states to make sure that when laws are passed they do not violate the United States Constitution, including all of its Amendments (the first 10 of which make up the Bill of Rights). The interpretation of these words and former cases (a process known as stare Read More

Petition to Determine Ownership of Surplus Funds—Huh??

Where do Surplus Funds come from? Regardless of who owns a piece of real property, or land, the taxes, homeowner’s association dues, and mortgage must be paid. If these are not paid, the lender can foreclose on the land and any home on the property.  The goal of the foreclosure is to recover the money owed to the lender due to back taxes, overdue homeowner’s association dues, or the unpaid mortgage, as well Read More

When is it Okay to Date Again After Divorce?

One of the most frequent questions people want to know about divorce is: “When is it okay to start dating again?” What does it mean to be legally separated in North Carolina? First, in North Carolina, a legal separation means that both parties are physically separated from one another and are no longer living in the same residence, with at least one party having the intent to divorce. You must be physically Read More

10 What the Hecks of Real Estate

Selling or Buying property can cause a person to yell, “What the Heck!” or some other colorful language to describe their stress and confusion. At Stott, Hollowell, Windham & Stancil, PLLC we know that the sale or purchase of a home can be hectic at the best of times.  Below are 10 “What the Hecks” we commonly hear from our clients during the selling/buying process. What the Heck is Title Insurance? The Read More

Can’t I just make a will online? Why do I need an Attorney?

As a general rule, lawyers are not people that the average person wants to see on a regular basis. Personally, I cannot imagine why people would not want to hang out with someone who analyzes every word, answers every question with “it depends,” or talks about the consequences of every text message, Facebook post, the difference between “may” and “shall,” and of course, death. That being said, I am never surprised Read More