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5 things to consider when separating during the holidays when you have children

1. Create a parenting plan or holiday schedule with the children, in advance, even if it is a temporary arrangement to minimize stress during the holidays. A good idea to assist with this process is to go by the children’s school calendars if they are of school age or daycare schedule if applicable.

2. Try to put differences with your spouse aside, at least through the holidays, to make the holidays focused on your children and not the impending separation. If you are already separated, try to put the children first and not the emotional aspect of the divorce. This will help the children tremendously, but also will put you in the best light if the matter goes before a judge later on.

3. Be mindful of taking the children out of state if traveling for the holidays. If you are having custody issues, this may be interpreted by the other parent as trying to abscond with the children. It would be a good idea to have any travel arrangements agreed to in advance by the other parent in writing (i.e. text or email).

4. Try to follow usual parenting traditions as much as possible as you navigate through the divorce process. This will minimize stress and anxiety for everyone, particularly the children.

5. Be sure to speak with a family law attorney if you cannot agree to a temporary parenting arrangement through the holidays. A skilled family law attorney can give you helpful guidance through this process.

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