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5 tips to deal with stressful divorce situations during the holidays

The holidays can be stressful and trigger sad feelings, especially when you are going through a divorce. The holidays tend to remind people of the good times or how different your life is now.

Here are 5 tips to help you cope with divorce and separation during the holidays:

  1. Recognize your emotions and honor them. Keep lines of communication open to family, friends and your therapist, and stay busy so you do not bear the holidays alone.
  2. If you have children, try to keep the holidays cheerful for the sake of your children and try to focus on their joy during the holidays. Their experiences should still be a happy one.
  3. Try volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen to help those in need. It will help you refocus negative energy into positive experiences that will help others.
  4. Try a new experience such as snow skiing, a new restaurant with friends, and make some new memories.
  5. Practice self care, such as getting a massage, going to a church or religious service, meditate and be sure to exercise.  Eat healthy food and get outside!

Keep in mind that things will get better and the divorce can be put aside until after the holidays pass. 

Bonus – Things to AVOID when separated during the holidays:

  • Refrain from binge drinking, drugs, spending too much money on unnecessary items, or posting negative things on social media (e.g. partying excessively, making poor choices) (that can be used in court against you)
  • Refrain from sending mean or nasty texts, messages or communications to the ex spouse (can be used in court against you)
  • Do NOT use your children to harm the other party (such as withholding them during the holiday exchanges)
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