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Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Solutions Outside the Courtroom

Judge Patti is our Mediator and Carol C. Beasley is our Real Estate Paralegal.

Judge Patti
Carol C. Beasley

While plenty of battles are hard-fought in litigation, parties that are willing to consider alternate forms of resolution outside the courtroom may find a more tailored solution to the dispute through mediation and arbitration.


In mediation, two disputing parties meet with a truly neutral third party known as the mediator. The mediator allows both sides to argue their position and listen to the other side’s arguments. While the mediator does not make any sort of ruling, they will facilitate a discussion that can lead to both parties agreeing on an outcome.


The object of arbitration is to obtain a fair resolution of disputes by one or more impartial third parties (arbitrator(s) without unnecessary expense or delay of a courtroom. The arbitrator listens to both parties and considers their dispute, then makes a ruling or arbitration award based of what is presented to the arbitrator. 

Here are some of the potential benefits of mediation and arbitration:

  • Generally cheaper than litigation
  • Generally a quicker process than litigation
  • Potentially less emotional damage
  • Greater control over your outcome
  • Confidentiality
  • Convenience
  • Safe and supported
  • Protecting your relationships
  • And much more!

If you are interested in mediation, check out our mediation guru Timothy L. Patti’s biography, and then contact us today with any of your mediation needs!

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